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Katchase Stories

Like many readers Katchase was an early and delightful discovery. Unfortunately most all of his stories are incomplete. So here is a selection of two wonderful beginnings from Katchase. Who knows, they may inspire a more dedicated writer.


by Katchase           

They say that clothes make the man and that may be true but I found out that clothes also make the woman or in my case unmake her as I recently found out. I had flown down to Florida to attend a business conference and afterwards spend a few days taking it easy visiting my aunt and my 14 year old cousin whom I hadn't seen since I had acquired my position as assistant planner in a prestigious computer firm three years ago at the ripe age of 21. I had arranged to have my luggage delivered to my aunt's house so I could go straight to my conference which I did and after a grueling 8 hours later, I was looking forward to taking a hot shower and getting out of my stuffy, confining conservative business clothes and into something a little more revealing and comfortable
and trying my luck with the local guys. I arrived by taxi to my aunts house only to discover when I got there that my luggage had not got there yet and after a call to the airlines was no closer to knowing where they were.

My aunt assured me that she would find me something of my cousins to wear as we were basically the same size now as she had just gone through a growth spurt and I was so petite (only standing 5' 1'' tall and weigh 98 pounds) she was sure it would probably fit me, Totally exhausted and just wanting to get a hot shower and relax, I agreed and went to get a shower.
After getting out of the shower, I looked around on the floor for my underwear only to find it gone and sitting on top of the toilet seat was a plain white training bra and a pair of full cut pink and white flowered panties with pink trim adorning the top and leg openings. Laughing out loud at what I saw, I figured what the heck, I'll try them on, I'm sure they'll never fit me their for a preteen not a full grown woman but
much to my amazement the bra actually fit me, though snugly and actually made my small breast look almost non existence and when I pulled the panties on they were actually a little big on my small hips and rode so high on my waist I felt like they
came up to my belly button and it reminded me of when I was a child and wore panties of the same style and as I stared into a full length mirror on the back
of the bathroom wall, I saw an average looking teenage girl in her underwear staring back where a sharply dressed woman had stood a mere 30 minutes ago.
Feeling kinda strange wearing underwear designed for a girl just entering puberty instead my usual sexy, silky thong underwear and lacy push up bra, I could only wonder what else my aunt had left for me and it only took me a minute before I saw a pattern forming. There on the toilet seat sat a plain white baby doll dress covered in little pink flowers. The dress had a high empire waist and when I put it on it came to just mid thigh in the front and rode higher in the back to the point of threatening to show anyone who cared to see my cotton flowered undies if I made any sudden movement from side to side.
Feeling even more vulnerable than ever I sat down on the toilet seat to put on the little white half socks and the little white sneakers i found and realized that unless I sat with my legs tightly together anyone would be able to see my panties also. Standing in front of the mirror again I was shocked at the little girl looking back at me. Without my push-up bra , I literally looked flat chested and with no hose on my legs looked skinny and white like a little girls and in the short dress I definitely felt insecure and vulnerable like a child instead of a smart confident woman whom just attended a high power meeting a mere few hours ago.

Opening the door to the bathroom, I saw my aunt standing in the hallway waiting for me and she squealed in delight at my new appearance but insisted that I should try a new hairstyle to complete my new look and before I could protest I found my usual beautiful golden locks that framed my face seductively pulled back into two pigtails complete with bangs making the illusion complete that I was an preteen girl instead of a woman of 24.

Amazed that with just a change of clothes, I could be reduced to a status of that of a child. I tried to argue with my aunt that these clothes were better suited to be worn by my 14 yr old cousin and not me when she happen to come through the door with a few of her friends and before I knew what had happen I was accepted into the group just like one of the girls to the point that I was invited to a slumber party that night but that is another story.

Finding myself surrounded by a group of 14 year girls dressed as an average teenage girl was strange enough but to have to look up at my own cousin who stood a good three inches taller than me thanks to a recent growth spurt all but stripped away whatever self-confidence away I had left leaving me feeling like the little girl I now appeared as.

Sensing this, my cousin took the opportunity to force me to agree to attend a slumber party she was having that night, though not as an adult but rather a plain looking geeky 14 year-old whom would be known as her little cousin visiting from up north. In what seemed no time at all, more girls started to arrive for the sleepover and before I knew it I was totally accepted by the girls and even my aunt had started to treat me like a child instead of an adult woman. After a snack of pizza and soda pop, my aunt suggested everyone should get into their pajamas and then pulled me aside and said she had a pair of special pj's for me that would look so cute on me.

Seeing a lot of the other girls come down from changing in just a tee shirt or long night shirt and a pair of shorts, I figured that is what she had in mind and followed her upstairs. Unfortunately I wasn't even close for she had laid out for me a childish baby-doll pj top and matching cotton panties for me to wear. Pleading with her for a grown-up pair of pj's was like talking to a brick wall and as she helped me undress I truly felt like an embarrassed little 13 year-old when she commented on my small breasts and how maybe I would grow some when I got older. In no time at all I found myself in a little baby doll top with puffed sleeves and short enough to see my full-cut cotton panties and this time she braided my hair and then shooed me downstairs to where the other girls were only to have them laugh at my childish outfit. My cousin came over and had me set down by her all the while talking to me like now I was younger than her.

I was humiliated beyond words and as I stood up to yell at the girls teasing me after my aunt had left the room, I was quickly pulled down into the middle of the circle and each girl started to spank my bottom until it was red and I was crying like a baby. Feeling totally humiliated and like a scared little girl sitting with all the big girls now, I didn't say a word and quickly got into my sleeping bag and went to sleep hoping that tomorrow morning my luggage would come and then I could once again regain my adult status.

Unfortunately, I woke up in the morning to a wet sleeping bag and a circle of laughing girls surrounded me laughing about how the old hand in the water tricked worked. Enraged I stood up and started to yell at them all the while feeling the wet panties bunching up between my legs and as I stood there in my urine soaked panties humiliated. My aunt walked into the room and saw me and commented that it appeared that her niece was not even old enough to go potty by herself and would have to wear diapers, but then that is also another story.


 Part One

In her new outfit, it was quite apparent to Mrs. Bouchard that little
Abbie would be a welcome addition to the school Halloween party whether
she actually wanted to participate in it or not. Abigail Winters was the
newly appointed speech pathologist for the exclusive Bouchard prep
school which catered only to the wealthy offspring of some of today's
richest citizens quickly found herself elevated to her new position in
the exclusive school hierarchy by being informed that she was required
to chaperone the annual Halloween ball being held in ten minutes in the
school's gymnasium and costumes were mandatory.

Thinking quickly, Abagail started to look around her spacious classroom
that she used for speech lessons in which to help the girl's learn to enunciate their words in a proper manner , a social skill which is so important when you are of a higher caliber,,or at least that is what she has to tell the
these spoiled little rich kids ,she thought to herself bitterly.

Catching a glimpse of her reflection in a nearby window, Abbie stops to
take stock in her appearance, At 22, she was already a licensed speech
pathologist and looked every bit the part. She wore a nice tailored
blouse and skirt set with a pair of sheer nylon that encased her legs in
a silky prison and a pair of black high heels with a 4 inch heel which
help to give her a height advantage over the girls she taught,,something
very important to her since she stood no more than 5' tall in stocking
feet and was very petite in stature and while she was not overly endowed
in the chest area she made up for this with a beautiful face and
gorgeous long blond locks that she wore up in a bun while she taught to
give her a more authoritarian look something she believed was very
important in giving her an edge over these spoiled rich kids and their

''I’m rich and I’ll do what I want attitude.''.

Just once, Abagail thought in envy, I wish i could be a spoiled rich girl too remembering her own childhood filled with social disappointments due to financial hardships and though it was this that gave her the drive to succeed,
she secretly wished she could sometimes go back and relieve her
childhood again this time though with money and popularity like the
girls she now taught.

Glancing at the clock, Abagail realized that by daydreaming about the past she had wasted five minutes and was now frantically looking around for anything to make a costume out of when she saw a backpack lying on the floor next to the coat rack in the back of the classroom. Abagail reached down and picked it up and examined it for a name but couldn't find one, so she opened it up hoping to find a clue inside to reveal whom it belong too, instead she found a spare schoolgirl outfit consisting of a little plaid jumper with a high bodice and flared skirt and a little white blouse with puffy sleeves and a peter pan collar to go underneath and pair of heavy white cotton tights and a pair of black Maryjane shoes , but what surprised her the most was the matching white and pink full cut underwear and little vest set that she found in the bottom of the back pack because the girls she taught
were in the age range of 11-15 and this undies reminded her of a six year
old's. I haven't seen underwear like this since I was a little girl
thought Abagail and was stuffing all the clothes back into the backpack
when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

Startled she jumped back and felt a warm growing dampness in her panties realizing she just peed pants from the unexpected scare. Turning around with tears of shame and humiliation welling up in her eyes Abagail came face to face with the headmistress of the school Miss Bouchard, a nonsense woman in her mid-fifties who regarded Abagail with a degree of great disdain as she watch the young speech teacher shift nervously in a puddle of her own urine like a naughty little girl waiting for a severe scolding from her mother for wetting her pants.

"ABAGAIL!” said the headmistress in a tone she
usually reserved for students she reprimanded in her office,.

''I was wondering if this was what you would be wearing to this afternoons
Halloween party but I suppose I don't have to wonder no more about that,
do I ABBEY?”

Abagail looked at the headmistress through tear filled eyes
and didn't have to wonder long on what she meant by her emphasizing the
word Abbey when she saw Mrs. Bouchard open the backpack up and started
lying out the same clothes Abagail had saw earlier.

Grabbing Abagail by the wrist, the young teacher found herself stripped of her blouse and skirt set along with heels. Standing there in just her bra and wet panties and nylons, Abagail became aware of how much bigger her
surroundings seemed to her with out her heels on and was pondering this
as she felt Mrs. Bouchard yank her wet nylons down her legs until they
were around her ankles and then off her completely. Embarrassed to be
standing in her own classroom in just her wet silky undies and her lacy
bra, Abagail pleaded with Mrs. Bouchard not to tell anyone about this
and pleaded for some clothes other than the ones layed out before her.
'Don't be silly child.” Mrs. Bouchard chided Abagail.

''This is one of the finest school uniform money can buy and as her voice softened slightly.

''Besides this will make a great Halloween costume don't you

Scrutinizing the outfit before her, Abagail had to agree with
her about making a great costume and she had always wanted to be one of
the little rich girls. This way she could attend the party and cover up
her wetting accident and when the party was over she could go home and
no one would ever find out about her little accident, she had no other
choice. With a long sigh, Abagail reached over to pick up the dress when
Mrs. Bouchard grabbed her wrist with one hand and gathered up the outfit
with the other and after checking the hallway for students dragged her
into the bathroom to get cleaned up before she would be allowed to wear
a uniform so rich in tradition and history.

With her body trembling from standing in only her bra and panties on the cold tile floor, Abagail was totally stunned when Mrs. Bouchard came up from behind and with one swift motion had succeeded in totally stripping away the last of her undergarments leaving her completely naked and totally vulnerable.

Before the stunned girl could react, she found herself pushed into a
waiting shower and handed a bottle of scented body soap which she
quickly rubbed all over her body in attempt to remove the urine smell
from her body. Glancing quickly at the label to see what brand it was
Abagail was shocked to find it wasn't perfumed soap at all but a
depilatory and as the warm water washed over her body removing the smell
of stale urine from her body. The special soap had removed her womanly bush of curly golden hair leaving in its place a set of bare lips strongly resembling those of a young girl.

Stepping out of the shower and drying off, Abagail was
acutely aware of her loss of adulthood as she dried off and felt the
soft terry towel brush against her skin like it did when she was a
little girl after a nice long bath. Glancing in a nearby mirror, Abagail
was shocked to see that the body soap had another side effect as well ,
her golden tan that she was so proud had been removed by the special
body soap and now Abagail's skin was a stark white, almost pink in color
but the most devastating thing to Abagail was the freckles that had
appeared across and on both sides of her nose, giving her face the
appearance of a young girl once again. With new tears welling up in her
eyes Abagail looked at her appearance in the mirror and could barely
reconcile the image the looking glass held and the self image she had in
her mind of that of a young professional speech therapist. Standing
naked in front of the full length mirror with her stark white skin
without make-up and her long blond hair now put up in two pigtails
framing her young freckled face she looked every bit a girl of 13
especially with her small breast and being devoid of any pubic hair it
would be hard to convince anyone any different an unbeknownst to Abagail
this is just what Mrs. Bouchard was counting on.

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